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Professional Interpretation Services in Riyadh

Our interpretation services can be adapted to meet the most complex requirements

We offer different service levels such as:

  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Event coverage and summary writing

What is Interpretating?

A type of live translation services that is done live in a face-to-face environment or online, where the translator interprets from one language to another in one way or back and forth, in one of the following methods:


  • Interpreter translates the speech of a presenter in real-time natural flow. Speakers not disturbed and allows for a smooth output for the listeners.
  • Preferred for larger meeting with large audience.
  • For on-site events, we provide the necessary equipment for setting up the simultaneous interpretation environment and ensuring all members of the audience can tune in to the interpretation channels however convenient for them.
  • Deliver interpretation to your audience at almost the same time the speaker utters words in the original language. This timely format is suitable for business conferences and large events.


  • Interpreter translates the speech of a presenter when they are done talking. This consumes more time but is preferred for one-on-one meetings and calls.
  • If complex, multi-layered, multiple resource Coordination and Management,¬†Tarjama has specialized department to handle the request.
  • Deliver interpretation to your audience in intervals. This format is suitable for less formal meetings where timeliness is not as sensitive.

Information required for Interpreting services (Online & Offline)

  • Source and Target Language also includes sign language
  • Dialect
  • Domain (Legal, Marketing... etc) and Audience
  • Subject matter
  • Gender preference
  • Type of event: recorded, live, on-site, virtual
  • Date, Time, Duration, and Location of the event
  • Required equipment (Headsets, booths, sound system requirement for live session)
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Reference materials if available

Simultaneous interpreting can also be provided in a whispering mode, for 1 - 4 people, all of whom must position themselves close to the interpreter, who in this case does not work with a microphone or headsets. This is also referred to as "Chuchotage"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Professional Interpretation Services in Riyadh


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