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Certified Translation and Language Services in Riyadh

Translation, Editing, Quality Control

Our native speakers editors will carry out a detailed revision of documents by comparing both the source and the target documents.

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Foregin Language Translations

We can develop a number of applications for different platforms including platforms and Mobile UI/UX Design.

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Machine Translation Post Editing

Converts text through automatic translation software. Within a few minutes your MT document gets ready, it is advisable only for internal use.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is not just about interactions, it’s all about connecting with customers and generating sales.

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Interpreter translates the speech of a presenter in real-time natural flow. Speakers not disturbed and allows for a smooth output for the listeners.

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Document Design Services

Redesign slides to match the brand guidelines, Slides design from scratch to match the brand guidelines, Visually enhance diagrams, charts, and tables.

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